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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A Brief History

The LRS was formed in the 1960's following the demise of the "Refrigeration Serviceman's Association". Its aims are to help engineers keep abreast of the latest developments in air conditioning and refrigeration. As the gasses Carbon Dioxide, Methyl Chloride, Sulphur Dioxide and Ammonia fell from grace, the wonders of those great "non smelly" "non flammable" and "totally safe" R12 and R22 compounds came into common use and our membership grew.     

The Society members in 1969 funded and organised the 1st "London Refrigeration Exhibition" at the White City Dog Track, which showed mainly components, then in '71 complete systems were displayed. In 1973 the Venue moved to Heston just off the new M4 where the British Refrigeration Industry and Hevac had their headquarters.

In 1975 it, like "topsy", had grown and with our very good friend Terry O'Gorman who was editor of the RAC magazine. Wembley Arena was taken over for the show area. As it was now a very successful (but time consuming biannual event), our dedicated committee members agreed that the "RAC magazine" took over the complete organisation and gave us joint sponsorship donations to assist our running expenses. In later years, the venue moved to The Agricultural Halls in Westminster.      All of these shows were great places to meet with competitors, and late nights in the west end of London were often the bonus of the successful shows.

We see that in the 100th Volume of RAC magazine in May 1998 a long article including photos of the show committee gave the LRS full credit for beginning this trade show, and we today must thank our predecessors for our heritage.

We are still "hands on" engineering folk interested in furthering our knowledge in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Practices, and are affiliated to the Institute of Refrigeration.

Today the Society's committee still arranges eight "out of season" monthly meetings where we invite others with skills and information on "latest refrigeration developments, gas and oils, rules codes and practices, training, and health and safety regulations etc", to share their knowledge through discussion and open forum.

Following the closing of the Civil Service Club in Chadwick Street, we  transfered to the Greencoat Boy Public House then to Chimes Wine and Cider Bar in Pimlico but as I type this in Dec 2014 we are homeless once again.

Now 2018 - since 2015 we continue to meet at the Greenwich Tavern at 1 King William Street SE10 9JH where

our meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of the months September through to April and anybody within striking distance is welcome to attend for just £15 pa. (or just receive our monthly emailed reports on the previous month's discussions)

See this Web site for full details of planned meetings http://www.londonrefrigeration.org/  or contact us by the following email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

We have supported the  RAC shows since their start up by our predecessors way back in the 1960's.  We have had exhibition stands where although having nothing to sell,  many new contacts are made and the renewing of old faithful friendships which seems to be a foundation of this great industry.

We hope, through the keenness of new comers to the trade, to still be around for another 50 years, helping by passing on our knowledge, and encouraging suppliers and manufacturers to share their expertise and developments with the active guys at the sharp end!


Interested! come along and take an active part in your INDUSTRY!