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Tuesday, January 25, 2022




Sorry friends but please read on August 2021 


It is with deep regret that we are writing to tell you that after more than half a century the LRS has ceased to be a viable operation. The number of members attending meetings has dwindled and is now solely supported by the same loyal members who have attended the society for many years. The committee have all resigned following a recent meeting, and with no replacements coming forward to run the society, your committee have decided to close the activities of 

The London Refrigeration Society 


   History  follows

My Friends here is the new 2019/20 program of speakers and activities 


We meet at the "Greenwich Tavern" 7.30pm but please come early to socialise over a drink and meal 

  Usually 0n the Second Thursday of each month as listed below


2019-2020 PROGRAMME meetings at the Greenwich Tavern  


12 September 2019 : TQ Environmental "Refrigerant & Gas Monitoring" Mark Scott

 10 October 2019 :     Queen Mary University "Enhanced condensation heat transfer" Huasheng Wang

 14 November 2019 : Thermozone "Maintenance is King at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich" Trevor Dann

4 December 2019 :   Joint meeting with the IOR, Historical talk at the RAF Museum Hendon  Note  WEDNESDAY

  9 January 2020 :        Fujitsu "The Latest Technology" Rob Broughton Ultimate Air



Our next meeting 

13 February 2020 :    Endo Enterprises "Reduce Heating Bills by up to 15%" Ben Salon



12 March 2020                  TBC

9  April 2020                     Our Annual London Walk


For more information, contact:

Honorary Treasurer Ron Filer lrsociety@yahoo,co,uk,               07852 122 948

Program manager  Brendan O'Reilly brendanblygolduk.com    01895 259346      07876 654319



Notes on  Past Season   2018/2019




On Thursday  Sept 13th Mr Chris Green of Arctic Circle presented a talk on
" Storing Waste Heat Under Car Parks"
Report under Newsletter 


  On Thursday 11th October - John Bawden  of Testo - presented

"Smart solutions for Refrigeration and AC Engineers!


See Report under Newsletter



8th November - Graeme Fox of REFGas spoke on 

"the latest on Refrigerants"



5th Dec  @ 4.45pm  Joint meeting with the IOR  

"Historical talk in the Canal museum"


 See the text below from the IOR The address is London Canal Museum, New Wharf Road, Kings Cross, N1 9RT

The Birth of the Refrigeration Industry in London:1850 to 1900



Wednesday 5th December 2018 16:45 to 18:30



IOR Anniversary Networking Event in association with the London Refrigeration Society.

On the 8th December 1899 the IOR was formed at a meeting chaired by R Leonard with 16 interested individuals. Initially known as the Cold Storage and Ice Association, reflecting the early days of refrigeration in the UK, which was based on ice imports. 

The Talk 

To mark the formation of the IOR we are inviting members and guests to this informal historical talk on 5th December. The location chosen for this meeting is one that is significant to the early refrigeration industry. The London Canal Museum is based in a former ice warehouse and exhibition displays features the history of the ice (and ice cream) trade. Those taking part will gain free entry to explore the museum including, optionally, to descend into the ice well. 

After visiting the museum there will be short talk on the Birth of the Refrigeration Industry in London 1850-1900 by Andy Pearson, Chairman of the IOR Technical Committee. He will focus on interesting facts about our early pioneers in the then newly established refrigeration industry. 

The talk will include 

  • The trials of Jacob Perkins ether system by John Wyse in the 1850s,
  • The demonstration of James Harrison’s ether system in the same decade
  • The role of J&E Hall in developing and dominating the marine market
  • The ice rink built by John Gamgee in the 1870s
  • The founding of L Sterne and Co 
  • The Blackfriars Cold Store 
  • The events leading up to the founding of the Cold Storage and Ice Association


Andy Pearson FInstR has a keen interest in refrigeration history and will share his knowledge at this event during an informal talk. 


London Canal Museum, New Wharf Road, Kings Cross, N1 9RT  

How to find the Canal Museum 

The London Canal Museum is based in a former ice warehouse and exhibition displays features the history of the ice (and ice cream) trade . Those taking part will gain free entry to explore the museum including, optionally, to descend into the ice well. Find out more about ice and the London Canal Museum here.

This unique museum is a short walk from Kings Cross Station.


Reserve your place here

The event is supported by the IOR Presidents Fund. 




































Thursday 10th January -

Mr Richard Metcalfe from   "ICS Cool Energy"

presented a talk on 

"Free Cooling and Refrigerant Selection" 


On Thursday 10 January, LRS was visited by Richard Metcalfe, Malcolm Edwards and Lee Chard from ICS Cool Energy.  Malcolm Edwards presented us with an overview of ICS Cool Energy and what the group do and also talked about ERP/Eco design, the impact that Brexit and ERP design have on refrigerant choices and about Free Cooling.  Below is a brief overview of the topics that was discussed.




The group provides temperature control solutions from -40 up to 400.  Solutions include packaged products with next day delivery, as well as full turnkey projects.  They have done specialist work for over 30 years and are now part of Ingersoll Rand Inc. with a $13.5 BN revenue and do business Europe-wide in 9 countries.


Some of the industries ICS COOL Energy does work for includes plastics and rubber packaging, food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, metal works, engineering and manufacturing, medical and scientific, leisure as well as the hvac and building services industry.  They hold numerous accreditations in order to work in all the different sectors.


Some of the solutions and services offered by ICS COOL Energy, includes the following:

Packaged process temperature control

Energy efficient process cooling solutions

Special process temperature control solutions

Hire solutions


After sales support


ERP Eco Design


The requirement that units need to be tested to, depends on the application, the intended temperature range and the capacity of the unit.  The table indicate some of the requirements.






Comfort Cooling


+2 to 20 

2 MW

Comfort Chiller SEER ENER Lot 21

Process Cooling

-15 T -8 


Process Chiller SEPR MT ENTR Lot 1

-8 >T <+2 



+2 T 12 

2 MW

Process Chiller SEPR HT ENER Lot 21 
(Data centre and perishables exempt)

> +12 



Comfort Heating (people)


400 kW

Heat Pump SCOP ENER Lot 1


> 400 kW

Comfort Chiller SEER ENER Lot 21

Process Heating





In 2015, 80% of the units tested, had a SEER rating lower than the Tier 1 rating that was originally to come into effect in 2017 and 88% of units tested was below the Tier 2 requirement set for 2019.  This means that much still needs to be done to improve energy efficiency. Lot 1 came into effect on January 1st 2018


The SEER values are regulated by Regulation (EU) No.: 2015/1095 and Regulation (EU) No.: 2016/2281 for comfort and process chillers.


The direct contribution due to the use of refrigerants is far smaller than the indirect contribution of using electricity, therefore improving the energy efficiency of a system, must be a priority.


Brexit and Eco Design link to refrigerants


In the 1900’s refrigerated vessels predominantly used air, ammonia and CO2 as refrigerants indicating that natural refrigerants have been used extensively for a long time whilst some went out of fashion others are making  a comeback.


The ErP (improve efficiency levels of chillers) and  F-Gas (reduce production to 21% of 2012 baseline) legislation and the Kigali agreement means that the UK have to continue with the F-Gas phase-out and the improvement of chiller efficiencies after Brexit.  


Alternative refrigerants include HFC, HFO, natural refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures.


A replacement for R134a includes the non-flammable HFO blend, R513A with a GWP of 631 or the A2L refrigerant R1234ze with a very low GWP of 6 offers the best efficiency levels with a short atmospheric life of 18days  


For R410A there is various alternatives on the market that is being tested including R32, R452B and R454B. These refrigerants all have various levels of flammability.


The replacement refrigerant options for R404a includes R449a, R448a and R452a.


R290 has similar properties as R22 but has a high flammability classification and isn’t really suitable as a retrofit.


When using R717, toxicity should be considered and copper can’t be used in the system.  Oil management is crucial since oil is heavier than ammonia and don’t mix well with ammonia. A R717 system is very miscible with moisture requiring special attention.


When selecting the appropriate refrigerant for a system, the impact on the environment, system efficiency and safety should be considered. The difficulty surrounding Brexit is if we move to a quota system which refrigerants will you put into your quota


Free Cooling


Traditional free cooling occur when fresh air is used for cooling in a HVAC application. In an application that requires cooling or conditioning throughout the year, the low temperature conditions can be used to help provide cooling during the winter seasons.


In London, an average of 7115 hours per year is below 16  and can be utilised to reduce energy consumption on chillers by up to 44%.


Free cooling can happen fully, where ambient air is used to provide the full cooling load, or partial free cooling can be employed where the initial cooling is done with free cooling and the rest of the cooling is supplied by traditional cooling.


In a system utilising free cooling, the free cooling will start once the ambient temperature becomes lower than the return water temperature


ICS COOL energy provides built-in options as part of a packaged product or with separate coils






REGRETFULLY  February meeting Cancelled due to The Greenwich Tavern

being refurbished  all  February -


 Next meeting at The Greenwch Tavern is 14th March


Mr Nigel Manning Heronhill will present debate on

   "Cellar Cooling"





11th April - Our London Walk!









                                          Last Season   2017/8 program   

(Now Completed)


Each meeting is usually on the 2nd Thursday evening of the month  


14th Sept.  "The Ins and Outs of Adiabatic Cooling”

Zafer Ure – Eco-mesh

12th Oct.    "High Quality Air Intake Screens”

Richard Betts - Rabscreen

 9th Nov.     "The Cost Efficient installation and energy controlled Tango Pump”

Shane Leather – Armstrong Fluid Technology

 Dec 2017 Regretfully we had to cancel the December meeting,


11th Jan 2018   "Fires caused by domestic fridges”   
 Beasley – London Fire Brigade


1st Feb.       Joint meeting with The IOR (see website) at the London Southbank Uni.

                                Chris Druce – Star Refrigeration   


 8th Mar.    " Condensate pumps as opposed to gravity drains”  by Blue Diamond 

19th April     Our  London Walk  


We  do the tour from Blackfriars to Westminster along the Thames which is a good one. For that walk we meet outside the Blackfriar Pub just across the road from Blackfriars station (District Line) . The address is 174 Queen Victoria St. meeting at 6.30pm prompt

and we finish at Westminster close to Jubilee District and Waterloo main line stations - Bring a friend!







 Last Seasons Diary 2016/7  

(Now Completed)


8th Sept.    "Skillfridge - the Competition" Karena Cooper - DataTeam regretfully this had to replaced  at the last minute with an excellent                                              talk and Discussion by 

                                          Mr Luke Jones of "Air Flow" please read the report in our newsletter


13th Oct.   "Ducted Systems in Listed Buildings" Rinus Groenewald - The Quantum Group


10th Nov.   "Ecocooling - an alternative to refrigeration - discuss" Emma Beresford – EcoCooling



8th Dec.     "Life without brazing" Simon Makin - Greenmill


12th Jan.   "Energy Saving Lighting Projects for large Commercial Buildings" Steven Henry - Chalmor


9th Feb.     "Brexit and the effect on the UK HVAC Industry" Lynn Sencicle - ACR News


 A JOINT MEETING with the Institute at London South Bank University. on  Thursday 2nd Mar      


                 “Domestic Fridges – opportunities for improving safety based on study of domestic fires in London                     2005 – 2015” by Beasley, M.*, Holborn, P.G.**, Ingram, J.M.**, and Maidment G.G.**



9th Mar.     "Gree the biggest Manufacturer of AC Equipment in the world" Tim Boxall - Gree UK


 Our  final meeting of this season was on 


13th April    "The annual London Walk" with Blue Badge Guide Stan Medland






OUR 2015/6 Season of events follows

We thank our speakers and meetings secretary for this programme of events


                                                                                             2015 :(Now Completed)


            Sept 10th  :  "Life After R404A - planning for the phase down with low GWP Alternative"                 

                                Mark Hughes - Opteon Refrigerants


 Oct. 8th    :  "Latest advances from Fujitsu                       Neil Panting - Fujitsu


Nov. 12th  :  "Underfloor Air-Conditioning Technology" 

                Glan Blake Thomas - Advanced Ergonomic Technologies Ltd


Dec. 10th  :  "Site Build and Leak Repair of Cooling Towers" 

                      Julian Williams - Tower Syatems Ltd


                                                                                           2016 :

Jan. 14th   :  "Flexible Torsional Couplings, Anti-Vibration Mountings

                        and Lokring cold tube joining system" -                                        

                      Chris Alexander - Vulcan Lokring .


 Feb. 11th  :    Our Regular guys and partners met together to celebrate a belated Christmas    


Mar. 10th  :  "The Problems with cooling surgical units in Ethiopia" 

                       Dr Helen Fitzgerald 


April 14th      Our Annual London Walk







Info only Program of events for the past season 2014/2015

(Now Completed)

Wednesday   Note  Wednesday - Sept. 11th   -Roger Palamarczuk - from Humidity Solutions

Thursday Oct 9th       -Mr Warren Clark from Hitachi -  subject    Chiller Technology



Nov 13th      -Luke Parry - Fairfield Technologies -Refrigeration System Analyser


4th Dec.  2014   -  Joint meeting with the IOR : Note date the 1st Thursday (only this month): at 5.45pm

Venue Room 110 Roberts Building, University College London, Gower Street
Speaker John Clark MInstR and Angus Gillies MInstR
Oganiser IOR
“Comparison of evaporative and air cooled condensers in industrial applications for design engineers


Thursday 11th Dec   a meeting for our regulars at Chimes at 7.30pm  A get together over nibbles with a quiz, and a report on last year and the presentation of the accounts. and who knows somebody may surprise us!!




Jan 8th         Mark Taylor - of Camfil  filtration systems-  Please watch this space as our venue is to be confirmed!


Thursday  February   12th        Mr Roger Smith of A-Gas   gave an excellent update of the latest and future regulations of the regulations   See the latest newsletter   



Thursday March 12th    -Mr Keith Sweatman of  Airdale - Innovations in Refrigeration



April 9th         - Our Annual Walk around London with our Blue Badge Guide  

                        We meet at Cutty Sark DLR station at 6.30pm


Info only on Last Season's Program    2013 / 2014 as follows

All dates are Thursdays and we meet at CHIMES Wine Bar in Pimlico except where individually mentioned below
12th September     "Building Information modelling and Refit"  -           
                              Rhys Scrivener   KR Associates 
See the report under our Newsletter page

 10th October          "Dehumidification in Frozen Food Stores and on food in blast freezers"  - 
                             Jason Bettles of Munters

14th November     "Energy Projects including Utility Bill Verification"   - 

12th December    Pre Christmas Drinks, General Knowledge Quiz, followed by Dinner ! 
                           This is for Regular attending Members + wives/partners (sorry friends list now closed)
9th January        "World Skills Standard Specifications for RAC

6th February       "Are Doors on Freezers the best environmental solution for the retail sector ?" 
                        Debate led by Alex Pitman  from  CO-OP  - Speaking For ,  John Austin-Davies  -and Against   the motion George Barkers  -  
Note Venue   This will be a joint meeting with the IOR at
5.15pm at the IOR, 33 Queen Street, London EC4.

13th March        We welcome Hitachi Sales Manager Mr Andrew Hunter who will lead discussion  on 
                          Hitachi products.
Regretfully our speaker was unavailable tonight but watch out for the report on what we really did!!


10th April         Our Annual  London Walk  Venue to be confirmed




Program of 2012/2013 season  Just to  see what we got up to!

  we started as usual  at Chimes Bar in Pimlico

13th September Mr Howard Noble presented  "Aluminium pipe systems and the Reflok Jointing Mechanism"

Thursday Oct.   11th  :  Regretfully Mr Dean Gooch of CPA Group was unable to attend with his introduction to


We still met in an enjoyable atmosphere   See the report under the Newsletter Heading

Nov 8th :  JCI (Sabroe)  We welcomed Derek Moore of Sabroe on the topic "Refrigeration and Heat Pumps"   and open forum


Dec.   13th  :  Testo Ltd  James Whale "Measurement Solutions for Refrigeration Engineering"


Jan. 10th 2013 :  Unfortunatly Aspen Pumps  Carl Foreman "Condensate Pumps" was unable to attend So

Mr Robert Bowden of Mitsubishi Electric stepped in at the last minute to give an excellent talk on new developements 

See the report in the Newsletter page!

 February  7th   Weller Accountants told us  how to handle your accounts and answered  those questions that fox you!! 

   :  Note Change of date to the 1st Thursday in the month.. You can now take your loved one out on Valentines Day!!!

Thursday March 14th  :

Andrew Gaved editor of RAC and RAC Engineer Magazines will be with us at Chimes 
to give updates on topics that concern YOU See our Newsletter page for the report on this meeting!


April    11th  : Our  London Walk, was "The Dickens Tour" which started at 6.15  from Chancery Lane Underground and yes the weather was just right)

This  was the last meeting of the season as we hope for good hot weather which will keep our members very busy through the Summer months :- 

See you all next September!  




Info only:- To refresh your memory this was last Seasons meetings ! 

8th Sept 2011  :    REFCOM - Stephen Crocker "Who are REFCOM and how the F-Gas regulation is working out for the industry"

13th Oct   :    Quidos Ltd - Philip Salaman "The registration and enforcement of the F-Gas regulations"

10th Nov   :    Business Link - Mr Mike Creamer "The Fri3Oil flushing and refrigerant recycling technology"

Thursday 8th Dec : Klima-Therm - Rob Boardman (unfortunatly Rob was unable to attend tonight see newsletter)

Thursday 12th Jan  7.30pm  :    Toshiba with  Neil & Simon "The Toshiba Solution"

9th Feb     :    Meeting Cancelled for a regulars only get together!!

8th Mar     :    Steve Zimmerman of Micronics Flowmeters Ltd

13th to 15th March 2012 : The ACR Show at NEC

12th April   :   Our ever popular LONDON WALK - yes we visited the Olympic Site in Stratford

How to Meet us

Welcome to The Greenwich Tavern  nearest station Dockland Light Railway Cutty Sark a 5 min walk or free on road parking after 6pm (but check signs)

Our New "Club House Venue"

The Greenwich tavern

1 King William Walk


SE10 9JH

1 King William Walk
SE10 9JH

1 King William Walk
SE10 9JH

Read more: How to Meet us

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