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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

April 13th 2012

Report on our Annual Walk around "St Ratfords" Olympic Park

Thursday 12th April found a depleted group of regulars assembling at Leyton underground station

(the weather had been rain and hail plus sun all day) but the walk was conducted in very pleasant conditions.


Our usual London Guide - Stan Medland  lead the very informative tour around the perimeter of this MASSIVE site, indicating the 5 full size training swimming pools as well as the actual Aquadrome. The massive incline which looks like a ski slope but is actually the BMK starting run. The main stadium with intense flood lights which were on for us as the tour finished at 9.15 in the dark.


Stan emphasised how green the build is; using many recycled materials, 2 electric generation stations burning recycled woods, the extensive housing for athletes that will return to social housing plus the 1800 place school and the Olympic hospital going to Newham residents after the event closes.


Stan said even if you haven't tickets for any of the 6 weeks of Games and Paralympic games - get a day pass just to see the sheer size of the buildings the natural wetlands, the 6Km of water ways, and the Big Screens showing the events. 


A thoroughly enjoyable walk followed by a jar in the Westfield Centre PH

Ron Filer

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