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Thursday, October 21, 2021

March 8th 2012

LRS REPORT on meeting held at Chimes Wine and Cider Bar Pimlico

16 members attended for a presentation by Steve Zimmerman of

 micronics on Flow Measurement. 


Chair. Malcolm Lay

Meetings Organiser. Brendan O’Rielly


Steve began with a brief introduction of micronics who have been manufacturing, in England, their own flow meters for over twenty five years and of flow meters in general.


The flow meters fall into various types, mechanical, Ultrasonic, Doppler to name a few. Comparing the various characteristics, the costs and results we were led through a veritable maze of possibilities to be advised that dependant on not only the fluid in motion in motion but also its homogeneity which method was probably preferable for that situation.


With a range of velocities measured from 0.03 to 20 meters per second, the models from their range seem to be able to cover most relevant applications.  The electronic instruments include downloadable software that allows the user to receive an output signal that is acceptable for most computer or processor devices allowing BMS or computer recording and on ward transmittal for control and alarms.


Included in micronics range are Heat Meters, Data Loggers and special Flow Meters that accommodate dirty liquids with suspended solids or entrained gas as well as a Level Gauge for channels of part filled pipes.  Energy Meters and Inline Water Meters complete their range all of which can be bought, hired or hired and if acceptable have the purchase price reduced in part by the hire charge.


Their web site is www.micronicsflowmeter.com


Steve finished with a presentation of a physical device which they are launching this month.  This is a simple non-calibrated version, which they are looking for a distributor to take them on.  The list price is about £90 and they cover the range of 2 to 6 inch diameter pipes of water only.


This was the last speaker for this season; the next seasons speakers, many of whom were introduced to us at the ACR Show, (where this report was finally typed up), will be advised to all members, in the near future, please watch the web site for full details.

We thank all who attended and found us on stand A35, especially we thank Toshiba for their kind donation towards our expenses

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