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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

October 11th 2012


Regretfully our planned speaker was unable to attend, but our chairman Malcolm introduced a resume of the past year which I list below.......

LRS Chairman’s Statement for the year ending April 2012

We had only 14 paid up members at a measly £10 per year  We also have 10 honorary members who have retired from paid work 

 Our mailing list is 96 folk made up of members and others who have expressed interest in our activities these each receives email communication, we do not send out postal information any more.

 Our Web site has been redesigned and is easier to manage, edit and update.

 We met at 8 meetings last year, previously at the Civil Service Club which was closed due to government cut backs (where we paid £50 per meeting for rent) We had one disastrous meeting at the Green Coat Boy Public house which was double booked and very noisy.

Now thanks to our member Shabira who introduced us to Phil our host here at Chimes Wine and Cider Bar, and providing we are good and we support his bar, no rent is charged!!

 Our Christmas dinner was held here with each bringing a partner; I think we can say a successful event. Shall we do it again in January but as before limit it to you faithful members who attend regularly?

 The Show the LRS co-sponsored at the NEC for the past 50 years has due to changes in ownership now failed to provide the sponsorship we relied on, so our funding has now dried up.  We must thank our founders for their good stewardship over the years but due to modern communications such as internet, mobile phones and because its larger companies that employ most engineers we feel the interest in furthering personal knowledge is waning so attendances to shows and these meetings of ours are diminishing.

 Our final meeting of last year was a most enjoyable walk around the Olympic park...  shall we again have a walk , if so which topic is of interest?

Any Questions please before we ask you to provide the committee for the next 12 months,

 Ron Filer is our treasurer and the guy who keeps the web site up to date, is getting old and is ready to hand over the keys to the safe

 Mike Warren is out of the trade now and cannot serve as secretary so easily and Ron has been doing the newsletter too!

 We thank Brendon  O'Rielly for taking over the speaker / programme secretary but he is finding it more difficult to get interesting speakers to commit months in advance for our planned programme.

 Len Fiddler is always with us as a founder and loyal committee member and Pat has bee masterminding our exhibition chores

 Malcolm Lay Chairman

 We then had discussion on the finances that Ron presented

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LRS Temporary Statement for year ending April 2012

 Regretfully I have not brought a fully audited set of accounts as we have the builders in  at home and the society accounts are buried under moved household goods in my office


  The following are taken from the email I sent to our accountant Mr Andrew Merritt prior to his audit

 Your committee received copies of these in June and I will produce the official signed copy at the next meeting:

  So briefly our  Income

 Subs and Christmas collection                    £191.00

Bank Interest                                        £  16.85

 Donation                                               £100.00                   Total    income        £ 308


 Members Meeting Drinks Christmas meal etc                            £1030.00                    

                    Outings  RAC Show   etc                                    £2436.00

 Accountancy fees and Public Liability Insurance                          £660.00               Total    Expenses  £ 4126

                                                                                                                         Loss on year £ 3826

 End of year   £ 16339  is held in Nat West Deposit & Current Accounts and Cash in hand

  As you can see we are living on dead money that has accumulated over the past 60 years when we had sponsorship moneys from Emap and AC&R  from the Bi annual shows our founders started back in the 1960’s.

  We are a shrinking society and our Subs don’t meet our monthly outgoings But at the current rate of spend we can exist for only another 4 years

  So Gentlemen over to you to discus wether to increase membership, or annual subs, or Closure in the not too distant future!!

  Ron Filer  Hon treasurer  Oct 11th 2012.

Nobody volunteered for any of the committee positions so the current occupiers remain as listed above.

 Open discussion followed  it was proposed and accepted that for the 2013 season subs be increased to £20 per annum

We should each try to encourage friends in the AC and Fridge trades to attend.

Request for topics on Gas and Solar powered refrigeration systems,

An after christmas meal here at Chimes on a Saturday afternoon for regular Thursday attenders only, but if other wish to join us full costs be charged.

An other walk around London Town in April

Malcolm then presented a film CD of his holiday in Russia,   We closed at 10pm


Ron Filer 12 Oct 2012

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