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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

November 15th 2012


Mr Derek Moore of Johnson Controls division of Sabroe

Derek of Sabroe kindly trecked to our Thursday evening Venue in Chimes Bar Pimlico on the 15th November to give a very explannatory talk on Industrial Heat Pumps.

His company manufacture and test run BIG machines which as every body knows makes fluids cold to be used in cooling many applications from foods, to air conditioning, ice rinks, etc etc, But the condenser side of the refrigeration system is then used to heat water for many processes such as industrial cleaning of abatoirs, building heating, manufacturing processing etc etc

 With the dramatic rising costs of carbon fuels, (which will never go down!) this heat out put is"free" and even cheaper still than direct heating due to the COP values achieved through heat pump technology.

 ie:- 1KW power in gives up to 6KW power out, so these systems can give a payback on installation in maybe 3 years.

Yes I know you all know this already but Derek went on to to explain the "new Gasses" and their Ozone depleting potential: but good old NH3 R717 still seems the best refrigerant medium or better still R22 but thats now BANNED from being added to any system. If we could solve all leaks and contain our precious refrigerants it would be good for all, The Ozone Layer, the profitability of the enduser and most of all our contracts!
I know the above report is rather flippant but so much detail and facts were presented in an understanding way your reporter fail to make adequate notes

Derker and Sabroe can be contacted for greater details on www.sabroe.com or derek.j.moore @jci.com

Ron Filer


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