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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

February 7th 2013

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Meeting of the LRS

for a presentation by WELLERS ACCOUNTANTS 

LRS MEETING Feb 7th At Chimes Wine Bar Pimlico
We must thank Brenden our meeting secretary for arranging tonight’s speakers at very short notice, and of course our thanks to Joe and Richard from “Wellers Accontants” who stepped in at the last minute to explain some of the complexities of business accountancy for Sole traders, Small businesses, Limited companies, and personal tax affairs.
Accountants such as Wellers initially meet up with prospective clients to discus their needs, Do they want a Limited company, which limits the owners liability? This requires a Director, (but no company secretary) and at least one shareholder who have voting rights on the companies aims and direction.  Dividends have to be paid, Corporation Tax declared and paid. or  Sole Traders who pay tax yearly by set dates  but VAT is chargeable when income is over £68k per year. Also needed are Certificates of Regulation and the filing of annual returns, and minutes of meetings recorded and filed at their registered address.
We also discussed “Umbrella” management systems.
There is much advice on line, such as templates for buisness set up from Company House, or via www.directgov.co.uk, .... but remember books, receipts invoices etc must be retained at your registered address for 4 years but HMRC can go back many years if a “problem” arises!  If you close your business books must still be retained. Advice is really needed in this complex subject. So for accurate advice why not contact:-
 Wellers Accountants (business oxygen)

via Mr Richard Payne or Mr Joe Lennon

1 Vincent Square

 London SW1P 2PN

 020 7630 6665

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Our Jan 10th meeting was conducted by Mitsubishi Electric Ltd

If you want to hear it first   Join the LRS!  Click the box below for this month's report   Ron

Unfortunately our planned speaker for tonight was unable to make it at the last minute, but thanks to our brilliant Organising Secretary Brendan, he managed to get Robert Bowden of Mitsubishi to step in at the last minute and give an excellent report on their brand new system.

We were privileged to be the first in the world to hear of this product outside the Mitsubishi organisation. (all the presentation slides were over stamped confidential) so readers hear it first at the LRS!

Rob explained how the new HVRF system which is a hybrid of their VRF system, is a sealed water based hot and cold distribution system to individual Fan Coil units for offices and bedrooms etc.

The external refrigerant based condenser has a maximum of a 11.8 kg refrigerant (plus 0.11g/m over the standard charge and 3kg for the HBC controller) which goes to a “HBC Controller box”, containing a heat exchanger and water pumps which can then supply up to eight water outlets providing controlled heat or cooling to individual areas . This box also contains solenoids, modulating valves, 3 way valves etc, giving total controllable temperatures to the individual areas to be conditioned.

The benefits of this system is that there is greater comfort due to the slower rate of change of the air temperature, the air off temperatures are not as extreme as DX, there is no refrigerant in the occupied areas, there is no refrigerant noise from the fan coils and simplified installation as there are only two water pipes to each fan unit which can be in plastic or copper (no steel can be used), and 2 refrigerant pipes between the HBC controller box and the condenser.

Installation limits are 110m from the condenser to the HBC Box with the condenser up to 50m above or 40m below.  Plus up to 60m run from the HBC Box to indoor fan coil unit.  The indoor unit sizes are at present limited to 2 kW to 5 kW ducted units, but the range of indoor units will increase in the future.

Defrost times are greatly reduced, with minimal loss of heat output as there is “heat recovery from the water loop, in effect a buffer tank” heat flow temp is up to 45'c with simultanous cooled water at 7 to 13'c

We broke for the usual drop of nourishment, and continued the lively questions and answers from our 15 members present. This was an enjoyable presentation and our thanks to Rob were expressed by all.

These systems will be available in mid-summer from Mitsubishi and more information can be provided by contacting Robert Bowden, Business Development manager of “Living Environmental Systems Division” of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Robert on 07912760331

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