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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

September 13th 2012

The Season has begun with our first meeting on September 13th, at Chimes Bar.

We welcomed Mr Howard Nobble of FSW LTD. who gave a most interesting and informative talk on REFLOK AC&R solutions "compression fittings with Aluminium tube" for the refrigeration industry.

He explained the problems that have been experienced in the past with this new technology from other suppliers, such as fittings not gripping their tube with sudden changes in pressure because of  irregular sizing of pipes and the fittings requiring different insert sleeves for each grade of pipe.

The benifits of the REFLOK system is speed in completion, no hot work permit requiements, no fire watch, no nitrogen purging and no potential scale build up within the system. and using Aluminium tube is CHEAPER too:-  This is achieved by

Guaranteeing that the formers used are supplied only by the patent holder and that the fittings are only produced in the UK

The Aluminium tube is readily available and sized from 1/4" to 2.1/8" in consistant cross section. Tube is lighter to handle, and comes in straight lengths or rolls. The tube is also easier to bend.

Pressure testing up to 66 bar for 2.1/8" and 156 bar for sizes up to 5/8".

The foot pump compression tool kit comes in two sizes   up to 5/8 and the up to 2.1/8", these are hireable but will earn their weight in cash very soon through installation time saving, less pressure drop through their smooth bore fittings ie more efficient systems.

Check out their web site www.fsw.uk.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We had our usual liquid break and after more discussion and inspection of samples,  Len Fiddler then thanked the 13 engineers who attended this first meeting of the season and especially our speaker Howard for a most enjoyable and informative discussion.

Ron Filer 15/9/12

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