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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Season 2019/2020

Season 2019/20 Meeting notes 

 the L.R.S aims to keep its members informed of

developments in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry


Past Meeting Reports . 


 Thursday Feb 13th 2020

Unfortunately our planned speaker from "Endo" went down with the dreaded flu at the last minute so the dozen who attended had a leisurely meal together in the bar before meeting up in the comfortable room upstairs where we chewed the cud before:-

Lee Freeman talked very knowledgeably about Global Warming Potential  and Ozone Depleting Potential of the host of gasses we are now dealing with in our ever changing refrigeration industry, The registration and record keeping that it is mandatory by "owners " of works done and volumes of replacement refrigerants to their systems.

It was a good meeting Why not join us next Month March 12th  at  the Greenwich Tavern when "ENDO will join us over a pint or two with their talk.   I know no more than that!!

The following month April 9th the London Walk with Blue Badge Guide Stan where we will go  to the River!! , more details soon 




Thursday 23rd Jan Our post Christmas evening meal with our partners 



Meeting on Jan 9th at the Greenwich Tavern "Fujitsu The Latest Technology

London Refrigeration Society

We met on Thursday 9th Jan 2020 with a discussion presentation by “Matt” senior engineer from Fujitsu   who spoke on VRF applications and explaining the pros and cons of 2, 3 and 4 pipe systems of heat and cooling systems.

Design in each case is critical, try to get as short runs as possible for gas saving by installing the outside “box” close to the demand areas. Ensure the smallest area to be heated is legally under the possible gas leak volume containment. Include leak detection in each area that shuts down the system in a sensed failure and this fault is transmitted to a customer reception desk and the contractors HO. (This is done much more efficiently on installation of the systems as cabling can be utilised)

Compressors ideally should run constantly, speed cycling at around 30% on BMS control.  If they run to temperature then shut down until demanded - oil recovery, gas migration, noisy liquid hammer on start-up are all detrimental. 

Failure to oil contamination can be to lack of Nitrogen purging on welded joints   new compression joints are speedy and clean.  

Fujitsu  run courses around Britain and Ireland with advice tips and good practice on installation, fault finding of their systems with advice which will make engineers more confident in approaching failed systems  



For information about Fujitsu IT products, services and solutions for businesses telephone AskFujitsu on 01235 79 7711

You can write to Fujitsu UK & Ireland at: 

22 Baker Street
United Kingdom, 
W1U 3BW                      https://www.fujitsu.com › uk




Meeting  Wednesday Dec  4th    2019 jointly held with the Institute of Refrigeration at the

            Hendon Air Museum  topic   "The History of Halls Compressors"


We enjoyed a pre meeting hour or two looking at the very extensive air craft displays, before being very well informed on the 100 yrs of development in Halls compressors.




  Minutes on our meeting   14th November 2019 :


Thermozone "Maintenance is King at the National Maritime Museum at  Greenwich" Trevor Dann      


   where 11 members enjoyed the presentation by the hands on M.D. Trevor Dann of Thermazone  “ThermOzone - trade mark “  topic was  “Maintenance is King”


Thermazone build & install and renew existing, Air Chiller Plant fitted with their unique self-control and diagnostic software systems, which continually monitors the plant, feeding back to their control centre good and faulty reports.  

They monitor each plant remotely monthly, studying history graphs and obviously live running conditions. Adjustments can be made without site attendance which means less expense with travelling time, mileage and allowing their engineers to deal with any real necessary and 6 monthly planned site visits.

The software link is via standard mobile phone links meaning that customers with sensitive information on their web systems, can be assured that their information is unaffected by outside engineering.

Trevor then looked into their system installed in the Greenwich Museum just across the road from the Tavern PH where we meet.          This was via his mobile phone and laptop which was linked into the large TV in our lounge for us all to view actual running conditions and past history.

A very interesting demonstration and many searching questions were raised by us.   If you wish to delve deeper into Thermazones skills please  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or via 07785 724430 who are based in Reading  0118 9181400 and Nottinghamshire 01623 758777



Our next meeting for December is jointly with the IOR :-


Celebrate the Anniversary of the formation of the IOR!

Wednesday 4th December 2019 15:00 to 17:00

A historical talk exploring the History of the

HallScrew Compressor

There will be a chance to explore the Museum before the talk and to discover the fascinating story of the RAF.  
Sorry the IOR link doesnt seem to transfer please email for request to attend and park -  include your
vehicles Reg No  via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   




Terry Young of J&E Hall will share his knowledge at this event during an informal talk.

 Overview  Join us on the 4th December at this IOR Anniversary Networking Event in association with the London Refrigeration Society.  

On the 8th December 1899 the IOR was formed at a meeting chaired by R Leonard with 16 interested individuals. Initially known as the Cold Storage and Ice Association reflecting the early days of refrigeration in the UK, which was based on ice imports. 

This celebratory meeting will take place at the RAF Museum in Hendon. Meet fellow RACHP professionals and hear an informal talk exploring the history of the compressor.  

Before the presentation, those attending will have the opportunity to explore the RAF Museum an discover the fascinating story of the RAF and enjoy two interactive exhibitions.

                                         ·         Timings Delegates will have until 15.30 to explore the museum. Click here to plan your visit. Doors for the talk will open at 15.30. The talk will begin at 16.00 and will be followed by a question and answer session The event was supported by the IOR Presidents' Fund. 


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