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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Season 2019/2020


 2014 reports

The reports on previous meetings are in reverse date order:-

 Report on our final meeting of the year 11th Dec 2014

We had planned a casual or informal meeting with food and drink, But unfortunatly our excellent Host of Chimes Wine Bar gave us the sad news that he is closing at Christmas so we are now homeless!  So if YOU know of a friendly central London venue that could take bookings at least for 8th January , 12th February and 12th March 2015 we will be eternally grateful Please contact Ron on 07852122948 with details.

Ron informed all that our program secretary Brendan  O'Reily is in hospital with ticker problems, We wish him well and speedy return to work.

The meeting continued with food and drinks along with the AGM which sadly as ever no new members wanted to to take any of the committee jobs.

The accounts were presented and agreed,. The monies we have in the bank ensure we can continue till around 2020 by careful planning by future committees. Our thanks must go to the skill of our predessors arranging sponsorships  which now sadly have now lapsed!

We then had a quiz and not to embarrass  anyone there were no refrigeration topics  but that didnt stop the questions being called into  doubt re their accuracy!

We finished the evening by paying the bill and giving a tip to our Chimes Staff for the friendliness over the past years

Our next meeting is planned for Thursday Jan 8th but where??

Happy Christmas and a successful new year to all our members!


 Report of our joint meeting with the IOR on Thursday 4thDec at UCL Holborn


A good meeting which showed the differences between evaporative and Air cooled condensers on large AC Plant  Up to 2000 KW !   Graphs displayed wet and dry bulb figures from various locations around the British isles. Fuel costs etc   It got very complicated for your non technical or theoretical reporter so I will just refer you to the Institutes web site where I'm sure a full report will be available  

The UCL is a massive educational set of buildings set in the midst of Euston, Russel Square and Holborn so lucky me at Googling the best way to find the correct venue.   Sorry to be a little flippant but I did enjoy it Honestly


Report of LRS Meeting Thursday 13th November 2014

17 members attended Chimes Bar to well receive Mr Neil Stewart of “Yellow Jacket” who gave very interesting talk on Refrigeration Tools of the Future!   The now traditional Gauge Manifold was designed back in 1967 with its protective wire cage by Yellow Jacket and has been copied by many other companies around the world.

Their latest Gauge set is intelligent -  Electronic of course but with built in memory that can store and transmit via blue tooth to mobile phones, iPads ect!      

Flexible finger tight hoses were also introduced by YJ  way back in 1950.

Neil explained that “pressed in” sight glasses are potentially dangerous if pressure is suddenly let into the test equipment.  Yellow Jacket  devices have a “bleed hole” feed to their test equipment to alleviate this problem found in lesser equipment  (YJ’s are all tested to 600 bar!

 These latest devices have 102 refrigerant formulae built into their memory! And these can store up to 3weeks data recorded at 15 sec intervals. (who ever reads all these figures?) but for commissioning and fault analyst, an ideal tool.

 Yellow Jacket have a free app to download to your mobile or IPad etc but Neil told us their development costs were around 2 million pounds, and a special chip built in to their transmitters cost £30 each, and these can only be bought from Microsoft!

 Vacuum pumps biggest failure is YOU! Oils require changing after every system repair or at 6 hour intervals. This is due to the efficiency of these pumps pulling back sludge and dirty oils which stick to the rotor blades and scrape their close fitting surfaces causing pump damage. Hence its cheaper to replace oil than pumps.

 For more information on pumps etc look up the ACRIB web site

 Neil can be contacted via       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        or 01738 550 005

 Web site www.fairfieldtechnologies.co.uk  and    www.yellowjacket.co.uk

                        Our Next Meeting is a joint one with the Institute of Refrigeration on Thursday 4th Dec 2014  
Venue Room 110 Roberts Building, University College London, Gower Street
Speaker John Clark MInstR and Angus Gillies MInstR
Oganiser IOR

 Subject     “Comparison of evaporative and air cooled condensers in industrial applications for design engineers

Please try and make this meeting,


Report on Our meeting on 9th Oct 2014

    Mr  Warren Clark,  The project manager from Hitachi.


Warren gave an over view of their testing laboratories and then gave his presentation of Hitachi’s latest developments.
Remarkable to me is their claim of up to 8 to 1 efficiency ( ESEER (2) European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (See attached supporting pdf)!)    With VRF units on R410a gas, and sized from 5HP to 16 HP these can be paralleled up in various configurations to give up to 150 Kw . There’s an inverter on the lead scroll unit to give economical duty..


These systems can cope with up to 64 indoor coils with condensers being at a maximum of 90 metre lift!


The footprint of a unit is 60 x 60 cm for 2.7 H.P


These are electronically controlled for each room with motion detectors (RCI 0.8-6.0 FSN3Ek, RCI 0.8-6.0 FSN3E – 4 Way Cassettes and RPC 1.5-6.0FSN3 Ceiling Suspended)  which shut down systems for non occupancy..


There’s improved air flow from the rooms coils with better hinging of the louvers which avoid down drafts and give up to 7m horizontal air flow (RCI 0.8-6.0 FSN3Ek, RCI 0.8-6.0 FSN3E – 4 Way Cassettes). Along with this are reduced sound levels


Hitachi also have a new “Econofresh“ air box which economises air return and fresh air intake. To give free cooling as conditions vary. (The KPI series of units are for heat recovery.)
Graphs were shown comparing the opposition companies Dakin and Nich in which Hitachi produce greater efficiency.
Another informative meeting
I hope to see you all on Thursday    Nov 13th      to meet Mr Luke Parry  of  Fairfield Technologies  who will tell us of their Refrigeration System Analyser

Our first meeting was on

10th Sept. 2014  (WEDNESDAY – a one off !)  -  Roger Palamarczuk of  Humidity Solutions  - 

subject “De-humidification in low temperature environments”

Roger gave an excellent talk firstly on the reading of Psychometric Charts which was a great revision wake up to those attending, well especially to me!

He went on to explain the the removal of moisture from process air was a little more than "just refrigerating it" references when designing needs consideration of "Wet Bulb" " Dry Bulb" "Absolute Moisture" whether Humidity or Dehumidify, thickness of coils 3 pass or 8?  DX or Chilled Water, or even Desiccant Wheel, Sorption or amalgamation of all, and finally of course COST! which is when efficiency may be considered.

The processes in industry which need dehumidification systems range from Ship Building welding techniques, Computer rooms, Food production, Ice Rinks and audience space, Libraries and Art Storage, Frozen Food Storage, the list is endless.

If you need professional help please contact

Roger Palamarczuk at Humidity Solutions Ltd,

Humidity House,1140A  Axis, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, 

tele 08448221180            web www.humiditysoluti.ions.co.uk


After Rogers excellent talk he was surprised by Lee Freeman (our archivist!) who told us that this was Roger's 4th visit to LRS as a speaker in the last 30 years, a record!

After Roger left to catch his train we continued firstly to discuss  the past summer activity interval and our future program of speakers. We importantly collected annual subs at £15 per member (and new members always welcomed) debated a venue for our Christmas get together, and next years London walk topic.




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