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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Season 2019/2020


On Thursday 12th Sept we had our first meeting of the season where KR Associates instructed us on their skills.   Director Mr John Eastwood and  Laser Scanning Consultant Mr Rhys Lupton gave a presentation of their electronic scanning and measurement devices for site analysing. (This can be an internal area or external application)

Their very modern “camera” takes millions of images around 180 degrees in about 10 minutes   The equipment is then repositioned several times and the location re-measured. Their computer system then combines these multi pictures to give a 3D image of the location giving dimensions in any plane.  

 These can be then be analysed to see suitability for site redevelopment, possible noise penetration, visual objections, and where to site plant landscaping etc etc.

KR offer Acoustic consultations, to all the large Supermarket groups as well as site evaluations, where all information is available on the cloud for individual locations can use remote conferencing for instant decisions.

As you can guess much discussion was generated from this very interesting evening.

“Noise is our business.  Since 2003 we have worked closely with companies across an array of business sectors, helping them to appreciate and deal with their noise issues. 

Our understanding of the science of sound is deep, our knowledge of the issues noise can cause in the real world unparalleled and our track record in successful noise issue resolution unrivalled. 

We are dedicated to a quality of customer service unmatched in our industry and we are ready to listen to - and understand - your needs.” 

KR Associates are at 2 Vancouver Wharf, Hazel Road, Southampton SO19 7BN 

call 02380550455    www.kra.uk.com email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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